AuronPlay on Amouranth in Squid Craft Games 2: “Its content disgusts me”

AuronPlay was not too pleased with Amouranth’s invitation to Squid Craft Games 2, the Minecraft series based on the Netflix hit led by El Rubius. Although the streamer has acknowledged that she has no voice or vote, Yes, he has shown his rejection of the content of Amouranth. According to his point of view, he does not welcome the fact that the North American influencer speaks on her channel about “the streamers who would be buzzed about.”

“To me an aunt who opens a stream and begins to comment on which streamer would be buzzed or not seems ugly to me. I’m really sorry. I find it ugly, in bad taste, unpleasant, and I am very disgusted by this. People take it as something funny, how funny! He has said that IlloJuan would be buzzed. If Illojuan did the same, he would be in jail. Right now he would have seven policemen at home and they would be arresting him, ”AuronPlay has opined.

Rubius confirms Amouranth and xQc

El Rubius has revealed the news in one of his live broadcasts: “Guys, pay attention to what I’m going to tell you,” says the influencer. “The day is being super epic and with this even more. Yesterday Amouranth confirmed to me that he is going to participate in the Squid Craft Games 2 and now he has confirmed xQc. He tells me yes, that he is going to participate. This is going to be a fucking host event.”

Rubius spoke with Amouranth and informed her about the event when he invited her: “We have obtained the rights to The Squid Game and we have made a gigantic map in minecraft based on the tv series”. According to Rubius, 120 streamers were present in the first edition. The award? $100,000 for a single winner.

“Last year it was only for Spanish speakers, but this year we want more people to come from all over the world, and since you are one of the biggest streamers on Twitch we wanted to invite you. Amouranth has responded that it sounds “fun” to him, for which he has responded with a resounding yes.

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