DRX, the League of Legends world champion, debuts with a loss in the LCK against DK


The start of the LCK was not positive for DRX, which fell to the super team that Dplus KIA put together for this new season.

DK vs DRX - LCK 2023 Spring Split Highlights
DK vs DRX – LCK 2023 Spring Split Highlights

Yes ok XRD Arrives with current title League of Legends World Champion under the arm, the reality of the team is very different from that of November 2022, since in just a couple of months the organization changed its entire roster and only BeryL remains of those who lifted the Summoner’s Cup in San Francisco.

In contrast, on the other side was Dplus KIAa team that not only changed its name, but also modified its roster to put together a Super Team for the 2023 Season. The arrival ofDeftstar in the DRX championship, and canna to complete a team that already had Showmaker, canyon Y kellin postulates them as big favorites.

And so they proved it. In this first series against DRX, Dplus KIA left no doubt that they are candidates to win the LCK, and to compete internationally in the MSI and Worlds, which are surely the true objective of the organization. The two games followed the same trend, with a DK that was vastly superior in all aspects and won without complications.

DK vs DRX – LCK 2023 Spring Split Highlights

This morning he also won T1who kept the same roster from last season and surpassed the last champion of the league, Gen.G 2-0, with a great performance from Faker and Keria. On the Gen.G side, their new bot lane He still proved to be adapting and they have the difficult task of replacing a legendary figure like Viper.

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