Explorer Falcon, new increases and skin of Dead Space

A new update patch hit the game in the early hours of Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Fortnite It is now in version 23.20 and has several new features such as the Scout Falcon and new increases, it also seems that very soon we will have an outfit or ‘skin’ of Isaac Clarke, protagonist of dead space.

Let’s get to know all these news.

The Scout Falcon

This new tool is very interesting. We can deploy a kind of bird-shaped drone that we control while it flies.

Update 23.20 is now available in Fortnite introducing new augmentations and the Scout Falcon, it looks like a Dead Space skin is coming.

Using the Falcon we can mark places, generate warnings, open chests, collect loot or squawk to mark all enemies in an area. It can be destroyed by enemies and our character will be completely vulnerable while using it.

How to get Scout Falcon in Fortnite?

We can find it on the ground, normal chests and supply drops, but it is more likely to appear in the chests of the oaths.

new increases

The new increases that come to Fortnite with version 23.20 are as follows

  • Bananin Loot: we received a treasure map.
  • heroic shotgun: Shotgun blasts that damage enemies heal us.
  • Selective siphon: eliminations made with common and uncommon weapons heal us. It is not in competitive game modes.
  • zero movement: We get the Zero Point Onslaught power temporarily every time we break an enemy shield.
  • heroic move– Restore health and gain a short movement speed increase when our shields are broken.

Fortnite would receive an outfit or ‘skin’ from Isaac Clarke, from dead space

With a new version also come the leaks. The well-known report iFireMonkey revealed information about a collaboration between Fortnite Y dead space that would not be purchased with V Coins, but with real money.

According to the informant, the package would include an outfit (‘skin’), two retro backpacks, a pickaxe, an emote and missions that will allow you to obtain up to 1500 V Coins.

At the time of writing this note, it has not been revealed when this package could arrive in the in-game store.

Other new features of version 23.20 of Fortnite

  • Hired NPCs can now ride vehicles.
  • Deku’s Smash is now enabled again in Battle Royale and Zero Build after having disappeared almost a month ago.
  • We can now select reality augmentations from an off-road motorcycle.
  • The Guardian’s Shield can now be used from the back of a pickup truck or off-road bike.

Source: Epic Games

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