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The Falcon Scout is the newest item to come to Fortnite with patch v23.20. You’ll definitely want one, as it allows loopers to scout the area and mark enemy positions throughout the game. Although it has a cooldown timer, it is well worth the effort and time to find it on the map.

Since the Falcon Scout is one more element in Fortnite, there is no fixed spawn location for him on the map. However, finding it shouldn’t be too difficult. The two best places to find Falcon Scouts are Oathbound Chests Y Supply Drops. The former can be found in medieval-themed locations, while the latter can be found by descending to the ground after the first Storm Circle shrinks.

If both options are not logistically possible for whatever reason, Scout Falcons can also be in regular chests and as floor loot, but the chances of them appearing are low.

“Deploy the scouting falcon and control its flight, place signs and markers and squawk to create a radius in which any opponent will be marked for your squad. You can also use the scouting hawk to open containers and collect loot. Take the loot to where you are or to where one of your companions is and take flight to find more”reads the description of Epic Games.

That being the case, you shouldn’t have any problems getting the Scout Falcon. You will only need practice to get the best out of your games.

FORTNITE | New reality augmentations

The developers at Epic Games have added new reality augmentations to make gameplay more fun and frantic in the v23.20 patch. We tell you what they are so that you can adapt your tactics on the battlefield.

  • Banana Loot – Receive a treasure map that will guide you to buried treasure.
  • Medical Shotgun – Hitting opponents will restore health and shield
  • Lesson in Humility: Restore health and shield by taking out opponents with common and uncommon weapons.
  • Zero Movement: You will gain zero displacement for a period of time when you shield break an enemy.
  • Mistress of Danger: Restores health and gains movement speed for a short time when your shield breaks.

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