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The skins or outfits of Fortnite serve as daily income to Epic Games. Just like any other cosmetic in the shooter, skins are purchased with V-Bucks, the virtual currency that costs real money. If you got carried away by the desire and bought something without thinking, you may wonder now if it is possible to get your money back.

The first thing you should know in Fortnite is that there is something called return tickets and they serve the same purpose: get back the V-Bucks invested in material that did not convince you. Each account has three of these tickets. But is it possible to do the same without the damn tickets?

Epic Games noted that “A ticketless refund will allow you to return a purchase and get your V-Bucks back without using a return ticket. This also allows you to return your qualifying purchase, even if you no longer have return tickets available.”.

“Refunds without return tickets cannot be requested and are only available for specific items. If an item you purchased qualifies for a ticketless refund, you will be able to return the item and get your spent V-Bucks back without using any of your return tickets.”they specify.

So, you may want to know how to make the refund without the tickets Fortnite. Follow these steps so you don’t have problems in the future.

FORTNITE | How to request a refund without return tickets

  • In Fortnite, go to account and privacy from the settings page or the “Customer Support & Refunds” button below the gear with three lines in the sidebar menu.
  • Click on Return or cancel purchase. This will bring up a list of eligible purchases made in the last 30 days.
  • Find and select the purchase you want to return. Note: purchases that qualify for Cancel Purchase can be canceled without going through the return steps and without using a ticket.
  • Click on Use return ticket.
  • If you’re sure you want to continue, click Yes. Note: this action cannot be undone once pressed Yes
  • You will then see the Success screen, which will inform you of the following:
  • Click on Accept to return to the Return or Cancel Purchase page. Click Back to leave the page.

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