Fortnite prepares the arrival of the new item, the ‘Falcon Explorer’

Chapter 4 – Season 1 Fortnite it evolves, and as the season progresses it’s time to welcome back those outstanding items and weapons from the day this new era of Epic Games battle royale began.

After the comings and goings with the Shock Hammer, and the subsequent appearance of the Guardian’s Shield, now it is the turn of the new ‘Scout Falcon‘, which although that is not its official name, could be something like that, given the qualities shown in the presentation video of the season.

The last hours were key to the leak of his arrival, since this ‘Falcon Explorer’ or ‘Falcon Scout’, was found in the internal files of Fortnite. A new object closely linked to the oath chestsbecause the files have been found precisely in relation to the objects that can drop these chests.

Having taken this step, the natural thing would be that it could arrive with the next update of Fortnite of this same Wednesday, January 18, after a technical error that has even caused a significant delay in the appearance of the new weekly missions, who arrive with compensation for the inconvenience. Of course they could also be delayed to next week.

As we can see, it is an object that we can launch into the air, and control its flight to reveal nearby enemies. Which wins a lot of points in Squad mode, as it looks like we’ll be pretty sold out while using it. Although we can always take advantage of some of the numerous natural and construction coverages.

In fact, it is most likely that this new ‘Falcon Explorer’ will be part of next week’s missions, which in question will not only help us to gain the corresponding experience, but also as a tutorial, as will also happen on a couple of occasions with the Shock Hammer, and also with the Guardian’s Shield.

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