Free map for Minecraft challenges your parkour skills for Lunar New Year

As part of the sandbox game’s New Year’s celebrations, a free Minecraft map complete with parkour and a boss fight is offered to all players, as you assume the role of a Chinese god with Indian origins, fighting a mythological beast strongly associated with the celebrations. of the Lunar New Year.

The free Minecraft adventure is called “Monster Attack Nian” and casts you as the mythological figure Nezha as you explore the origins of the Lunar New Year and face off against Nian on a map created by Next Studio. It looks like there will be some new Minecraft skins too.

There’s a whole pre-built world to explore with this free Minecraft adventure, complete with temples, towns, and puzzles that you’ll have to navigate as you try to learn Nian’s weaknesses and face them head-on. You can even get special weapons and ride Nian once they’ve been defeated, so it sounds like it’ll be worth the effort.

“Nian is a legendary creature and we had a lot of fun recreating the image and characteristics of this mythological beast from historical materials.” Says Shawn from Next Studio. “We wanted players to experience the legend for themselves, through Minecraft. This is our first adventure with cinematic storytelling, so we also put more attention into the design of the shots and the movements of the creatures!”

It looks like the puzzles and challenges will spill over into Minecraft parkour and mazes, along with a climactic final boss fight where you’ll use some sort of fire-based weaponry to take down Nian.

Monster Attack Nian is a free Minecraft adventure that can be downloaded from the official Minecraft website. However, please note that you need the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition and that downloads are limited to one per person/account.

If you want the chance to get even more creative in the colossal sandbox game, we’ve got lists of the best Minecraft seeds and best Minecraft mods, both of which are sure to improve your experience tenfold.


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