From analyst to coach, tge leads the 9z Team CS:GO team

In the past year we have seen the great growth of 9z team in the international CS:GO scene which promises for this new beginning of the year to reach even higher after the announcement of the “promotion” of one of its members of the technical staff of the team CS:GO.

We are talking about Brazilian GustavotgeMotta, who until now was under the role of analyst to become today the main coach of the team. At just 25 years old, tge He began his career as a professional player in 2016 until in 2020 he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to training teams within the Brazilian scene so that he later became a fundamental member of the technical team of 9z team.

9z’s triumph was clearly made possible by tge, who has managed to make each of the team’s matches last year a success. From tournaments like the Roobet Cup, FiReLEAGUE and without a doubt the Major of Ro, arriving at Market Stall 19 from the ranking of HLTV

On the other hand, the rest of the team is already consolidated and has to lead Santino.”Try“Rigal, David”dav1d“Tapia Maldonado, Maximiliano”Max“Gonzales, Franco”dgt“Garca and Nicols”Buddha“Kramer.

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