How to align sensors by damaging them in the correct order in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

The second part of Fortnite’s Oathbound missions has finally arrived, and it looks to challenge players to build a rift gate on the Battle Royale map. One of the first steps to do this is to head into a forest to line up the sensors in a specific order. However, the mission description does not detail which sensors need to be adjusted in order to finish the task and get your XP reward. This guide will examine how you need to align each sensor to proceed through the latest series of Fortnite missions.

What is the correct order for the sensors in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1?

As indicated below, the sensors are located northwest of the Faulty Splits POI and spawn to the left of the Slap ‘N Go gas station. Once there, you’ll find a set of sensors surrounding a cosmic monitor, all of which display different moon phases on their screens. To work out the correct order, players must choose the sensor that shows the same moon phase as the cosmic monitor. However, the moon phase of the monitor will change, so you’ll need to do this five times to complete the quest.

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The first sensor you need to press is the one that shows a crescent moon on the right side, as the next one will be the sensor that contains a crescent moon on the right side. Once this is done, you must choose the sensor with the full moon and then the one that shows a half moon on its left side. Finally, the mission can be completed by hitting the sensor holding a crescent moon on the left side, which ultimately triggers a message from Rift Warden Stellan.

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Once the sensors are perfectly aligned, the mission should earn you an additional 20,000 XP towards your next Battle Pass tier. However, the rewards don’t stop there. Those who can complete four challenges in Part 2 of the Oathbound questline will receive the exclusive Communion with Nature loading screen. While the rest of the challenges require searching for more items, Battle Royale has introduced a new Falcon Scout item to make surveying the map a breeze.


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