How to Deploy the Fortnite Falcon Scout

Fortnite Falcon Scout is the ultimate tool at your disposal, which can really give you a competitive edge when scanning for enemies and picking up items from a distance before returning them to you. You can gain a huge advantage by monitoring the area around you without exposing your character to danger, allowing you to formulate tactical plans for your next move in Fortnite or simply sit back and watch events unfold before choosing your moment to strike. . If you want to try out this majestic creature for yourself, here’s everything you need to know about how to find a Falcon Scout in Fortnite and how to use it.

Where to find the Falcon Scout in Fortnite

There are many places to find a Fortnite Falcon Scout during the battle royale, including:

  • floor booty
  • regular chests
  • oathsworn chests
  • supply drops

This gives you a wide range of locations to look for the mechanical bird, although it seems like this new item is more likely to appear in Fortnite Oathbound Chests alongside other high-end gear. You can find them in the places marked below, so for the best chance of success, you can focus your searches in those areas.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

How to use Fortnite Falcon Scout

Fortnite Hawk Scout

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Falcon Scout takes up one slot in your inventory and you can deploy it as many times as you like by following the prompts once equipped. Keep in mind that while using the air spy, your player character will be left unattended and exposed, so be sure to hide before you fly. The Falcon Scout can interact with objects like doors, which means you can hide in a building, take the bird flying out, and then close the door behind you for extra protection.

Fortnite Hawk Scout

(Image credit: Epic Games)

While flying Falcon Scout in Fortnite, keep an eye on the two bars above the reticle, with the green one on the left representing his health and the yellow one on the right showing the range he can travel from his starting position, if he falls. to zero, then the bird will reset and you will be back to your character. You can scan for enemies to ping any nearby opponents with a red marker, which will also mark any wildlife or vehicles in the area. You can also interact with chests to open them and then pick up items, and by placing them in a stack, you can grab multiple items at once before returning them to your character to pick up. You can even pick up a downed but not out teammate to fly out of harm’s way, just make sure you don’t drop them from a height afterwards!

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