LoL devs give more details about the Aurelion Sol rework

Soon we will be able to enjoy the rework by Aurelion Sol in League of Legends. Riot Games is expected to release the champion update during the patch 13.3. This implies that in early February, the dragon would experience a resurrection on Summoner’s Rift. For this reason, doubts about how it will work The character has already begun to ravage social networks.

The person in charge of offering more details about how Aurelion Sol will work has been Yelough, one of the developers at Riot Games. was the past January 16 when more information emerged and was published in the subreddit of the main Aurelion Sol.

This is how the new Aurelion Sol will work

As confirmed, it seems that the [Q] will have a cooldown as well as a maximum duration of the channeling Of course, these premises collapse at the moment in which Aurelion Sol uses his flight. In addition, during the flight the champion you can use the [Q] in the direction the mouse moveshaving the possibility of rotate 360 ​​degrees while using it.

The distance of the flight will be 1,200 unitsalthough it will grow as the champion collects more stardust. The champion will fly in a straight line while not revealing his final direction to his rivals. Will see through walls but it won’t do it inside the bushes. The ability will be canceled by movement or by pressing the [W]. Of course, if you cancel it with the last method, you can continue using the [Q].

The [E] summons a black hole at a marked location. It attracts the enemies to the center and can get to execute them. Execute threshold will start at 5% health and grow by 1% when Aurelion adds 40 charges from the passive. While this ability is in effect, neither minions nor monsters have movement speed.

Lastly, the damage final will be similar to those of Azir or oriana. Also, the Wall of wind of Yasuo will be able to stop the movement of the ability, but not its damage or stun.

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