LoL – LCK: Faker demonstrates again why he is ‘the Demon King’

Faker being key on a T1 map, It doesn’t matter when you read this. This could be summed up Faker’s debut in this 2023 with T1 in search of savoring the honey of success again after losing the last three finals played to the best of five, one in the South Korean league and the other two in the international events of 2022, MSI and Worlds of League of Legends.

T1 made up for one of his black beasts, and to close the first day of LCK, they defeated Gen.G by two maps to nil. In two close maps and in which Faker and company led the way, the talented midfielder demonstrated why he continues to have rope for a while with a play that allowed them to open the map and gain tempo for the vision of objectives.

A classic champion for a League of Legends classic

To put you in situation. Faker, along with the rest of his teammates, gained pressure in the middle, and after having ended Chovy’s life. They decided to drop the Tier 1 medium turret, the most important to open the map and exert pressure on their camps and hunt them more easily to later achieve the dragon or Baron Nashor.

With one of its iconic champions such as Lissandra, he launched himself with the claw and flashed just at the time measured to stun both the shooter and the support of Gen.G and with him kill the two rivals. Also, he threw the Eternal Frost to avoid spending the flash and could escape. In this way, they added two low keys. Minutes later, T1 managed to close out the game against Gen.G in which Faker finished 1/6/14.

In the other duel of the day, which opened the competition in South Korea, DAMWON Kia put its letter of introduction with a solid and resounding victory against Gen.G by two maps to nil.

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