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It seems not, but it’s already been two weeks since the 2023 season of League of Legends. Riot Games has taken seriously the return of their vacations and already ahead of us a Heavily loaded patch 13.2 that will arrive shortly to LoL. The MOBA developer seems not to be very happy with the state of some sectors of the game. The LoL Patch 13.2 will bring big changesespecially in the shooters and the fighters. However, this does not mean that there will not be daily changes. The strongest champions At this start of the season they will be heavily nerfed and the order within the rift will change abruptly.

Yes ok the competitive of League of Legends He is just taking his first steps in the new season, Riot already brings changes. The person in charge of bringing us a front of these is Matt Leun-Harrison «riot phroxson«. The design leader is clear in the description of these changes, strong movements are coming in many things. The fighters objects will look tight, while the shooters will have adjustments that meet the current needs of the role. Finally, comes a new chapter of try to adjust the impact and usefulness of serious injury.

On the side of the champions, we have big changes also to the dominators of the goal. maokai, Yuumi, Lucian, Nami Y heimerdinger They will see their potential greatly diminished. Like champions who have dominated in Only QWhat Kassadin, Kindred Y Udyr. Finally, Jax will receive new adjustments to its visual and sound effects after community discontent with the new ones. The minirework who received Jax It has not been one of Riot Games’ greatest successes and it is already aware of it.

Previous LoL Patch 13.2 Changes:

  • Champions:
    • buffs:
    • nerfs:
      • Gangplank (synergy with crit)
      • heimerdinger
      • Kassadin
      • Kindred (synergy with crit)
      • Lucian
      • maokai
      • Nami
      • ryze
      • Udyr (Phoenix)
      • Yuumi
    • Settings:
      • Jax (Sound and Visual Effects)
  • System:
    • nerfs:
    • Settings:
      • chemtech dragon
      • technochemical soul
      • Fighter Items
      • shooters items
      • Toughness Adjustments (Stacking Multiplier)
      • essence reaper
      • Serious injury
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