Overwatch 2 Aim Training Custom Map Codes

To practice and improve aiming in Overwatch 2 we can use the custom Training maps that provide us with a testing ground to improve as a player.

These maps have several challenges and the opponents have a behavior similar to that of human players, which makes this practice improve our aim.

overwatch 2 training maps codes

Next, we leave you the codes of the best maps:

  • GBM5N -> This is where you can fight enemies that move from side to side and jump so you can practice those headshots.
  • CT04V -> Opponents on this map move as players would and return fire.
  • KAVE5 -> On this custom map, you can practice various skills including hitting the flying heroes.
  • MHGGS -> You can fight a whole enemy bot team and see the type of damage you do.
  • 6CJXR1 -> This map is located in Lijiang Tower and features flying heroes that are hard to kill
  • VAXTA -> On this game map, heroes move quite naturally.
  • AA5QQ -> Ideal map to test your response time when you see a target.

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