Overwatch 2 celebrates the Lunar New Year with a new event, free rewards and more

Overwatch 2 celebrates the Lunar New Year with a handful of additions including new outfits, new daily rewards, festive maps, and the return of Arcade skirmishes. Everybody players will receive rewards just for logging in, playing or watching their favorite Overwatch 2 streamers on Twitch. All these rewards will be based on the Year of the Rabbit and will be quite easy to get.

As usual, those Twitch users who have their Battle Net account synchronized will be able to receive a victory pose and a legendary Moira skin from the Lunar New Year collection. We only have to accumulate 2 hours of viewing the Activision Blizzard shooter in any content creator that has active Drops if we want to receive the victory pose The Roaring Lion, and 4 more hours if what we want is the legendary Masquerade aspect of Moira.

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Overwatch 2 celebrates Lunar New Year with free skins, a new event, and daily rewards for everyone

The festive maps return and game modes arrive that we can enjoy such as Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag: Lightning and Bounty Hunter. In Capture the Flag, the fun and frantic game mode, we will have to seize the enemy flag while trying to protect our own, and in its competitive mode, you will be able to climb the ranks together with your team to unlock golden weapons. We also have the Lightning version of Capture the Flag, with the same rules but on much smaller maps.

Bounty Hunter mode is a sort of “target hunt” where the first player to get a kill becomes the target to be taken down. The player who manages to eliminate the target will become the next, being visible through walls and floors. As long as we are the target, we will earn points with each additional murder and we will have to last as long as possible in this state.

By last, Overwatch 2 will offer daily rewards for logging in As the Year of the Rabbit 2023 player icon, we’ll get event challenges, bonus cosmetics, and Battle Pass XP just for playing any of the Lunar New Year brawls. In addition, if we complete 4 challenges of the event we can get the legendary appearance Echo’s K Kachi.

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