Overwatch 2: Hundreds of players disappointed by the ‘Overwatch 2’ Lunar New Year event

Blizzard Entertainment they keep trying (really trying, we can’t deny it) to give us a bone or anything that will make us forget that they were involved in one of the most serious workplace harassment scandals in recent years. That is why they continue to move forward with the sequel to Overwatchwhich, they thought, would attract more players now that it has become Free-To-Play. However, many players seem to confirm that our grandmothers were right when they told us: cheap is expensive.

Overwatch 2 Lunar New Year Event

We are in the second half of January, which means that the Lunar New Year (either chinese new year, as many like to call it) is about to begin. To celebrate the start of the Year of the Rabbit, there are many games that have begun to launch seasonal content for them. Overwatch 2 is trying with two things: the skin Hu Tou Mao de Mei and Lunar Brawl game modes. And that’s it.

There were not a few players who highlighted that, in previous years, Blizzard had launched at least 2 skins and many other aesthetic elements in the game, so this year has not been called the Year of the Rabbit, but the Year of Microtransactions. Although there are three rewards that are completely free: a weapon charm, a souvenir and the legendary skin kkachi to Threw out. Other than that, everything must be paid.

This adds to the anger players already had at seeing old game skins added to the store to please new players, in exchange for a credit card payment of course. Disappointing comments have not been lacking on the forums, with many players claiming that Blizzard is only getting worse by the day.

However, it all depends on how you look at it. The criticism comes from the old fandom and players who had already gotten used to the first Overwatch, while new players seem to see it as the norm. After all, when a game becomes free, you have to sacrifice something in between.

What do you think of Overwatch 2? Do you think the game is getting worse?

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