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Pringles and Kravebrands of the Kelloggs group, they have chosen Playoffnationsa company specializing in brand actions in the metaverse, as a partner to carry out a new marketing strategy focused on the online field of esports, streaming, video games, and other spaces of the metaverse.

The objective of Pringles and Krave is Increase your presence in new digital spaces where the younger audiences are found. To do this, throughout 2023, Playoffnations will carry out several online and offline promotional actions with several streamers and influencers referring to the national level.

The first action that is going to take place for Pringles is an overwatch 2 tournament that they have organized under the name of THE DECISIVE BATTLE. It will be led by Toniki, the most nationally relevant streamer and prescriber of the video game, but he will not be the only one. A total of 20 streamers, 4 teams, 36 overwatch heroes will participate and there will only be one winner. The action lasted 2 weeks, from January 2 to 14. The event was open to the public.

Pringles, Krave, and Kellogs have been brands that have accompanied, and continue to accompany, the childhood of millions of people.Says Marc Pérez Miralles, CEO of Playoffnations Their success is due not only to the quality of their products, but also to their ability to adapt and know where to go to find new audiences. We are very happy for this opportunity to grow together.”

New media require new strategiesSays Marta Binotto, Pringle Brand Activation Manager at KelloggsThat is why it makes sense to promote our products in the new digital spaces where the youngest are. Playoffnations has proven to be the ideal partner thanks to its experience in this field and we look forward to further collaboration in the future.

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