Riot Games chooses Rally Cry for the NACL

Rally Cryan esports platform and tournament operator, has associate with Riot Gamesto boost the upcoming North American Challengers League (NACL). The tournament operator will handle the broadcasts and the support of the renewed competition from League of Legends to 2024.

The NACLwhich will begin on January 21stis the new League of Legends league in North America. The competition replaces the LCS Academy and Proving Grounds structure, and instead 16 teams will compete in a league The 16 teams they are formed by the 10 divisions of the Academy of the LCS, together with six “provisional” organizations.

the six organizations provisional They are Cincinnati Fear, AOE Esports, Wildcard Gaming, Team Liquid First, FlyQuest FAM, and CLG Faith. After each split, the last four “provisional” teams I know will face the top four of the NACL Qualifiers to stay in the league.

This association applies to the NACL and its qualifiers, whose two stages will be broadcast. Secondly, Rally Cry too will get the rights to monetize and distribute the competition.

Apart from League of Legends, Rally Cry too manage the season VALORANT university 2022/2023. Furthermore, currently powers the Air Force Gaming League, NFL Youth Gaming League, and LevelNext.

Rally Cry is dedicated to creating esports opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels. This partnership allows us to have a lasting impact on players who aspire to compete at the next level in their sports careers. Plus, we’re looking forward to showcasing emerging talent in North America.

Adam Rosen, CEO of Rally Cry

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