Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes from FiReSPORTS: We are going to make several series and documentaries that have to do with esports

Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes, CEO of FiReSPORTS, has spent the last two years developing the
esports in Latin America. This pioneer, advertising entrepreneur and more than any Argentine communicator now expands to produce content on electronic sports and gaming. For this he associated with Marcos Santana and his new company Mas Ros Media that bought a part of FiReSPORTS.

“Today I can say that we are partners with Marcos [Santana] In order to, along with the launch of their production company, be able to work together on many of the new content that are going to be made, audiovisuals that have to do with the world of electronic sports. We are going to produce several series and documentaries that have to do with that” said Figueroa in #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra from Madrid.

He announced that they are preparing a realitythat has to do with family conflicts, parents and children and “how everything is revolutionized”. Also a sci fi, with a ‘crazy’ idea from Santana. “We are going to do a series on the history of video games up to today that will have two or three seasons, among other things. There is quite a lot of material there ”he added.

Figueroa Reyes was one of the first to make branded ccontentin the region through his company FiRe Advertainment, founded in 2002, and which by then the word ‘advertainment‘ represented a novelty and an advanced concept. FiReSPORTS was born 20 years later and has a Gaming Center of 650 m² for electronic games in Buenos Aires with TV studios and a headquarters in Madrid. In addition, the company owns leagues of esports like CSGO, Sim Racing and Farming Simulator. They also edit a medium dedicated to

esports They have something very nice, very similar to traditional sport. There are teams, players, leagues, television broadcasts, there is a bit of everything and a lot of emotion. And all that youth that is behind it has something very interesting, which is that the contents are the order of the day, that everything is social networks, everything is instantaneous” explained Figueroa.

He highlighted the participation of young people in this activity, its reflection on social networks and its instantaneousness. “Everything is competitive again, a team that beats the other, a player that goes from one team to another. We manage one of the leagues, one of the largest in Counter Strike for what is Iberia and complete LatAm, including Brazil. So it is a much more liquid world, with many more possibilities to do things”.

For Figueroa, the interest of advertisers in the esports “it is very hot” today.

“Two years ago, when I started this, everyone was very expectant and eager. The pandemic greatly accelerated the process, something is being experienced now that should have been experienced three years from now. And why was this? The advertiser is an ordinary person who has children or nephews, etc. The confinement made it possible for them to see what was happening with their boys”.

“Today advertisers, when one is going to talk to them about andsports, they call you or one goes directly, there is no previous one. They tell you: ‘I have it very clear, my son is with that all day. My nephew is all day with that.’ There is no pre-sale, you already know that it is like that ”.

Figueroa said that although he left advertising after selling his stake in FCB&FiRe, a network that he created after an alliance in 2018 between FCB Spain and FiRe Advertainment, however, communication was not.

“I am a communicator. In fact, the esports I live them from the communication side. everything has a storytelling. The company has a purpose called ‘Latin powe to the world’, which is to empower the new Latino generation so that they have the same weapons to compete in Asia, the US and Europe. I make content with Marcos [Santana]. The reality is that I left the agency world, but not the communication world because that is my DNA. My DNA is: I live everything, I breathe it and I see it through communication”.

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