Team Queso and Rebels Gaming match KPI

After the sixth day played Team Queso, Rebels Gaming and KPI they seem the favorites in this first divided of the LCV. However, there are other clubs that are going through a very difficult situation, such as Ramboot Club, Movistar Riders or AYM Esports who occupy the last positions of the classification.

CASE on the hunt for the top positions

CASE Esports add a new victory so as not to drop from the top positions. faced Ramboot Club who still does not know victory in this divided of LCV. they would play in Ascent where CASE he was at a great level in the defensive role and allowed them to ensure victory. The duel started ramboot who took the first two rounds attacking the if you of B, on both occasions they planted the spike thanks to the good entries. However, from this moment on CASE he was at a great defensive level and only conceded two more rounds. came a retake where yurii signed a big clutch. The defense was very effective, they even got a round flawless. They were very good in both sites and they ended the first half with an 8-4 lead. With the change of roles, ramboot started again very strong winning the first two rounds, but CASE once again he was superior again. The entries they were good and they took the victory with a final result of 13-10.

UCAM adds another victory to continue in the playoffs

The second party of the sixth day would be between UCAM and AYM Esports on the map of Ascent. The first half was very close where both teams played at a high level. started UCAM in the offensive role and started strong taking the round of pistols. in the third round AYM reacted, first leaving the Murcians without time to place the spikeand then with two large retakes to flip the result. Nevertheless, UCAM they would manage to win four consecutive rounds where they were superior in all aspects. The first part ended with the maximum equality possible with a 6-6 score. The change of roles seems to have been good for the university students where they were very comfortable. defense of UCAM it was very effective on both sites. They played several times retake, a strategy that gave them results. Finally they took the victory with a 13-9 and in this way they continue in positions of playoffs.

Falcons don’t want to miss the party

The falcons continue with the good results and add a new victory against ZETA, which gets into the dangerous positions of the classification. The hawks began defending the if you C, the internship of the attackers through the middle and through doubles was not very effective. It was better falcons, in the fourth round the attackers rushed the middle eliminating several players, but the defenders got some casualties to make an exchange in their favor. was left alone BULD alive, who finally died at the hands of synsi He made a good opening. The offenses were not being entirely good, they finished the first part with a result of 7-5 in favor of falcons. In the second part, equality in all aspects led the match to go to extra time. started ZETA attacking, manik took out the openkill upon eXerz that pushed a smoke in the if you from A. KILLDREAMST answered with the kill upon BULD to set the equality The attackers rotated if you of C, but the hawks got the retake. In the last round, the hawks entered the game very easily. if you of C and after planting they played a good postplant that he owes them victory.

Rebels Gaming takes the undefeated from KPI

The fifth confrontation was between two big shots of the competition, two of the candidates to lift the title, Rebels Gaming vs KPI. She started defending KPIs on the Ascent map where they started at a very good level. In the round of pistols he managed to plant the spike GatsHbut they managed to make the retake the defenders. In the fourth round the rebels advanced in the middle, but B1SK after failing the daggers of Jetthe took out a double kill with the vandalthe Russian eliminated another player, but fell into the hands of HUMANZ who answered with a good refrag. in the sixth round HUMANZ signed a good clutch to give him the first point of the game. The first half ended with a 7-5 in favor of KPIs. In the second half, the rebels reacted and overcame a difficult situation to win by 13-11 and thus occupy second place in the standings.

Team Queso is unstoppable

The last match was between Movistar Riders and Team Quesoa clash where the riders were devastated with a bulky score of 13-5. team cheese managed to take the first two rounds, the first of them with a flawless. However, in round 3 Movistar Riders he would wake up and win 5 consecutive rounds. They fit in very well sites and the refrags they were being key. From this moment, team cheese he was at an incredible level and did not concede a single round. They were far superior in all aspects and swept away a Movistar Riders who is going through a difficult situation.

Thus closes the sixth day of the LCV where KPIs has added his first defeat, and the sets of Ramboot, AYM and Movistar Riders They go through difficult times.

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