The 8 Best Minecraft Clients for PvP

More commonly known as simply “clients” in Minecraft, client mods are direct modifications of Minecraft game files. Client mods require mod loaders like Minecraft Forge or Fabric Loader to install and use properly. We will be listing the best Minecraft clients that you can choose to install and use in the game to increase your advantage in Player vs. Player (PvP) modes.

Typically, Minecraft: Java Edition is the version of Minecraft that generally supports this kind of thing, as it’s the ideal PC-based platform for modding. Please remember that some of these mods are known to give players a noticeable advantage over other players, so public servers may ban you from using them, so use them at your own risk. It all comes down to who owns the server and who you play against.

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Best Minecraft PvP Clients


Becoming one of the most popular clients for quite some time, Badlion features stats for your team in-game, promotes higher FPS, keystrokes, a customizable HUD, and even includes an anti-cheat system that helps ban cheaters. . Overall Badlion contains everything a PvP player is looking for and is a great experience.

bat mod

Image via Batmod client

The Batmod client gives you a solid 60 FPS, HUD features for your potions, armor, maps, gear, a Spotify select screen while you play, keystrokes, and many more options to customize. Depending on the settings you have enabled, you will be able to find specific biomes in your Minecraft world. There are numerous options that you will have the opportunity to modify to enhance your experience.


With the Cosmic client, while it’s a bit older, you have several custom HUD options to choose from, many of which feature real-time cooldown timers for your abilities. You toggle what those cooldown timers are, giving you the most information during combat. The same goes for your armor, potions, stealth, and map writer to give you a detailed mini-map of your surrounding area.


minecraft labymod 1

Image via LabyMod

This client is recognized as an ideal PvP client and also a solid general client, useful for many facets of Minecraft. LabyMod comes with a fully customizable in-game hud, mod and resource pack downloader, and even a friend system where you can connect with your friends without even joining a server.


A favorite among many Minecraft players, the Lunar client features emotes, animations, clean and fluid software, and even has a Fortnite and PUBG-style HUD that you can implement into your game. With this client installed, you will enter PvP battles in style.


minecraft meteor 1

Image via Meteor Client

Meteor will provide you with a variety of PvP actions that will give you an advantage in many situations. From automatically filling holes around you to being able to place blocks on water blocks, this will change the game to allow you to do many unique things.

pixel client

Once the Pixel Client is installed, access your main in-game menu and locate the mod settings switch at the top left of the screen. From here, all of your settings will be displayed, including status effect, armor status, Sprint toggle, KeyStrokes, ToggleSneak, and a few more, all very ideal for PvP play. Also, you will get a nice FPS boost from this client, which is always helpful.


This is not one of the most popular clients, but it is an excellent one that is often underestimated. PvPLounge features a variety of mods that are continually updated and added by the developers, as well as full customization and even a cross-server chat system, accessible via the in-game overlay. We highly recommend it.

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