The ARURF returns to League Of Legends

One of the favorite game modes of all time is back, and during the entire period of the 2023 lunar holiday, we will be able to enjoy it.

by Nicholas “Naiko“Bahl for The Den of Evil /

If there’s a reason this note didn’t come out sooner, it’s because we were all too busy playing All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF). This wonderful and relaxed game mode of League of Legends It presents us with a scenario in which we cannot choose a champion but it is not random, but not only that, but almost all abilities are instantaneous and do not have a normal cooldown.

If we add to all this the wonderful addition of the catapult, which allows us to shoot directly from our base into the action, the result is super short and ultra frenetic games ideal for these relaxed summer climates.

game mode All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) becomes a kind of wild card that Riot Gamesthe developer company of League of Legends, puts your players at specific times of the year while parallel events happen. It should be noted that this week we had the start of the competitive 2023 season, so it is a good escape from the first ranked.

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