The first deaths of Minecraft Extreme have already arrived

hours ago it started the first edition of Minecraft Extreme. In this first series of the year, 64 content creators have to face numerous tests in a version hard core of Minecraft. Everyone starts with three lives and once they lose them, will be deleted. Well, with the server already running, the streamers They have started their adventure.

With all that, we already know the first deaths of numerous participants. Some have even suffered too much, especially considering that they only have one chance left. In case of death, they will be completely eliminated. Some deaths were very hard, while others could have been prevented one way or another.

Who suffered the first death of Minecraft Extreme?

Extreme Minecraft is full of creators and creators who have different levels in Minecraft. Some of the participants have been playing the Mojang title for many years, while others have barely spent hours on it. So we find some very different deaths. And the first person to release this death box was Cristinini. The content creator was attacked by a Drowned while he was in the water.

But it has not been the only one to be low. Participants like Carol either elXokas They already have a single life, something that will put them in danger for this second day. In Carola’s case, heand we saw the lava fall during his second death, while The Xokas faced a boss in a giant mine and would fall twice.

For now, this second day aims to be epic. We will see how many participants leave the series during this Wednesday. Some will surely decide to take it easy, while others will seek to continue giving their all in their adventure at the cost of losing their position in this Extreme Minecraft.

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