The LCK opens with victory for Dplus KIA and T1

T1 and Dplus KIA debut in LCK with victory

The League of Legends continues its streak of premieres from all competitive leagues. We have already seen how this week began with the start of the national scene at the hands of the super leagueNow it’s time for the international. The League of Legends champions korea (LCK) opened its curtain this Wednesday and did so with two star matches. In the first turn of the LCK they faced each other Dplus KIA Y XRDwhile Gen.G Y T1 they closed the first day in a reissue of the summer final of 2022. The first victory of the LCK he took her Dplus KIA with a wide 2-0something that T1 would later replicate in their duel against Gen.G.

LoL competitions are back all over the world and Korea’s time has come. The current world champion region kicked off its 2023 spring season on the 18th. League of Legends Korean is back and his fans have celebrated it by living two very entertaining series. Return to the servers LCK was marked by a great review of Dplus KIA to the champion of worlds and a splendid performance by Lee Sang-hyeok”Faker» for the victory of T1.

DPlus KIA opens LCK by defeating world champion

The return of the LCK featured very important figures in recent months. On the one hand came XRDchampion of worlds 2022, with a historic performance. For the other, Dplus KIA came renewing the image of Damwon KIA and with Kim Hyuk-kyu”Deft» in their ranks. The Korean shooter had little mercy with the squad that gave him his world title, so Dplus KIA would start very strong.

With an aberrant priority for the duo Lucian Nami, Dplus KIA came out with Deft in their ranks. There was little the reconstructed DRX could do at the hands of Cho Geon-hee «BeryL» to remove the water from the boat. DRX succumbed to Dplus KIA for 2-0 in a very loose way.

To further highlight Kim Chang-dong’s performance”canna» in his debut with the elastic of Dplus KIA. The toplaner ex T1 and Nongshim, was key in victory with a double choice of gnar and a fewMega Gnar! that raised the public from the stage in the first presentation. The team led by canyon and Showmaker opens with victorydemonstrating in turn that they will be candidates for the title after the signings of Deft Y canna.

T1 and Faker debut in the LCK with victory

The start was not good for the champion team of the Worlds 2022 and neither would it be for the current LCK champion. In a reissue of the LCK Summer Finals, Gen.G and T1 closed on the first day of the LCK. To bad news for Gen.G fans, the result It would not be similar to that of that summer final. This time it would be the team of Faker who would win the duel and with an incredible performance from midlaner.

The Korean star of T1 started the LCK of 2023 with the right footbeing the most prominent in the debut victory. Faker shone with Azir Y Lissandra to leave out of any possibility the victory of Gen.G. There was little the current Korean champion could do to overcome the T1 team. Although the signings have left good sensationsespecially Kim Su-hwan”Peyz«, the 17-year-old promise shooter, Gen.G was not enough. T1 He starts off on the right foot and it seems that having lost three finals in 2022 has not been good for Faker. The three-time world champion has given a first presentation monstrousconfirming that the team T1 will remain among the Korean and world elite in 2023.

Remember that you can follow the LCK and all leagues League of Legends via LoLEsports. In addition, you can follow the LCK completely in Spanish in the Twitch channel of mfreak00 every competition day.

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