The new meta begins to take shape

Season 13 of League of Legends has started with everything. In this first week of the season we found the first data on champions who are beginning to earn a place in the different lanes of Summoner’s Rift, some more intuitive such as the duo Samira Rell in the bottom lane and others not as much as those Zack Y singed in the middle lane that they are asking the Only Q. Just one week from the start of the brand new Season 13 of LOL, the development team decided to give the first hints of what will be an important patch 13.2 facing the formation of the new meta.

«For this patch, we are revolutionizing many different systems; bruiser items, ADC changes, and tweaks to make the ‘Serious injury‘ have more impact when buying the respective items“he explained Phroxson in its twitter account. Regarding the long list of champions who will suffer nerfs, the rioter noted that these tweaks are “preempts on champions that will be OP after the crit changes” What Kindred Y Gangplank, but champions are not the only targets of buffs Y nerfs.

To this great patch we must add the nerfed of an object that has been hitting it in the SoloQ and is the Demonic Embrace for melee champions, about this Phroxson explains that the Demonic Embrace It’s been an OP side item for a long time, but now it’s becoming one of the items that a lot of players are betting on for rush of first item. Lastly the rioter notes that Radiant Virtue is being closely monitored with the aim of leading it, in some future, to an alternative of body to body.

Without further ado, below we leave you all the details of the Patch 13.2 of LOL.

All the details of LoL Patch 13.2




  • Kassadin.
  • Yuumi.
  • Maokai.
  • gangplank.
  • Ryze.
  • Lucian.
  • heimerdinger.
  • Udyr: [R] maxed.
  • Kindred.
  • Nami.




  • Demonic Embrace (Object).


  • Dragon and Technochemical Soul.
  • Bruisers objects.
  • Tenacity (Rune) adjustments.
  • Serious injury.

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