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Although most of the big changes that I should receive League of Legends They arrived during the last preseason, Riot Games she hasn’t finished entirely satisfied with the state of the game. Neither did the players. Especially those used to using shooters. This category of champions has been the subject of many claims by the community for quite some time and the company finally wants to put it. It’s time to prepare for a flood of changes that will affect dozens of heroes and, above all, objects that they use most commonly.

All changes to marksmen in League of Legends Patch 13.2

The change is interesting for several reasons. One of them is that it is carried out by a Riot Phreak recently joined the League of Legends development team. In this sense it is one of the first chapters of its interesting new story. What’s really interesting for most players, though, is that we’ve been able to get a lot of context around the settings. As he did when he was a storyteller, the developer has carefully analyzed the settings in his youtube channel. As a result, we have been able to learn that, although there is a bit of a general buff for the champions of this position, the goal is to focus more on community satisfaction.

“Even community members who don’t play marksmen point out that this is the weakest role in the game. Plus ADC players think their position is the most boring to play. These two are big issues. Perception of power is low and fun too. It doesn’t matter if the position is really strong, which I think it is.”

In this sense, and although there will be some increase in power in strict terms, the focus has been to make players feel that little extra power as very effective.

An example of this situation is the increase in power of the rune super heal which worsens in the early levels, improves considerably in the intermediate levels and remains more or less neutral as we approach 18. This case is very specific and is due to three factors: not making it a problem in the professional game due to its powerful ‘ early’, give shooters better sensations in ‘mid game’ and maintain their hallmark as strong but fragile in ‘late’.

The most important changes are the following…

Item / Rune




Life Steal: 18%

Shield: 50-320 (Level 1)

Cost: 3,400

Life Steal: 15%

Shield: 180-450 (Level 9)

Cost: 3,200

Bloodthirsty Object

king blade

Damage per hit (range): 8% HP Max.

Damage Per Hit (Range): 9% HP Max.

King's Blade Item

Infinity edge

Crit. required: 60%

Crit. Required: 40%

Infinity Edge Item


Crit. required: 60%

Crit. Required: 40%

Swiftblade Item

super heal

Shield: 10+9% Max HP

Shield: 20-300 (levels 1-18)

Superheal Rune
  • Manna: Adjusted the growth or mana regen stats on champions dependent on Clarity of Mind. In addition, the costs of the skills have been modified. All these changes are made with the aim of avoiding problems or the purchase of items or the use of runes related to this statistic, except in very specific cases (Ezreal or Senna).

There are two difficult settings to understand. The first one we can quickly get rid of. Changes to champion mana are intended to prevent Clarity of Mind from being a mandatory choice in many characters. Also to improve them in the lower ranks, since it is one of the less dangerous power increases. Good players already know how to manage their use of abilities, so the difference will be minimal. Much more difficult to explain is the step backwards of League of Legends with respect to the Infinity edge or the Navori’s Swiftblade.

These two are marksmen’s excellence items, and have been modified to ease their restrictions. In the current version, they are virtually useless unless you buy them as a third item, but as of Patch 13.2 they can be used right after finishing the mythical. This is one of the points where sensations come into play the most. Testing by the League of Legends team found a 4% damage increase based on gold invested, but it comes at the cost of some sacrifices.

“It’s a 4% DPS increase per gold invested for the medium champion (…) 4% bonus damage in exchange for 7% less movement speed (compared to Wraith Dancer being the second item most popular right now) isn’t as much of an improvement as you think. After testing it all week, the feeling is amazing. The 2nd Infinite Edge is really cool and I’m really happy it’s back, but it’s not as powerful as it seems.”

kog maw lol

Blade of the King damage increased to compensate for champions who don’t usually buy Infinity Edge

The downside of the changes is that will greatly restrict the choice of the first two objects for players in the marksman position, but it is not something that the developers of League of Legends are concerned about too much. “You’re going to go from having no choice on the first and third item to no choice on the second. I think the experience is better that way though. You won’t have a choice on the first and second, but you’re going to have a ton of choice on the third ( …) There weren’t really many options for the second item before either,” Phreak explained.

In general, we are facing an interesting plan by Riot Games. The changes, once detailed, are not as important as they seem. We will only be able to do a little more damage than before if we play in this position. However, they represent a approach to what the players of this role really want. It’s a gain that comes with almost no counterpart and one that we’re looking forward to testing in League of Legends Patch 13.2. According to him official update schedulethis will be introduced in the game on January 25, 2023.

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