The RFEF compares the Copa del Rey football with Minecraft Extreme

The content series and the world streaming in general they go further and further. There can be little doubt about it. However, despite this statement, we can only be surprised to see the unexpected tweet from the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to promote the day of the Copa del Rey. The organism compares it directly with Minecraft Extreme.

The series created by Auronplay, Tanizen Y reborn kicked off yesterday with a great following. Streamers will have to survive with three lives in the game. There will be all kinds of traps and PvP will be randomly opened for players to fight against each other.

Precisely the issue of lives has been chosen by the RFEF to establish the comparison between the Minecraft series and the competition that they organize “This is not Extreme Minecraft… IT’S HARDER!!“, says the tweet, making it clear that there are no second chances for the teams that lose, as is the case with the content creators and their three lives for this occasion.

The duels of the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey are a single match, therefore, there is only one life“, they continue to explain in the publication to the stupor of the people who were reading and answering.

The official account of Minecraft Extremo has not let go of the publication to quote the tweet of the soccer federation. It was not necessary to write a single word for it. They just posted the Auron’s reaction to one of 8cho’s deaths in the series itself. The Catalan laughs out loud.

The tweet puts several pieces of evidence on the table. The first is that the streaming, streamers and series of content are increasingly More popular and have transcended beyond their own niche. This would not have happened otherwise.

The second thing, and even clearer if possible, is that football urgently needs to re-engage the younger audience. The one that has a great time watching content creators play different games live and get together to have fun. What we do not stop asking ourselves is if they are going to achieve it by making these types of comparisons. We are going to let the followers themselves be the ones to assess if it is successful.

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