Tyranitar and all Pokémon GO creatures are now in size XXS and XXL

Ready for more fun? Now you can find Tyranitar and more Pokémon size XXS and XXL in Pokémon GO.

niantic keep updating Pokémon GO with very interesting features. Now, the company added XXS and XXL sizes for Tyranitar and all other creatures in the game. That’s right, now you can find huge Pokémon when you go out to capture.

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Through a brief press release, Niantic announced the arrival of XXS and XXL sizes for all Pokémon in Pokémon GO. In that note, the company gave us an example of these sizes with the large dark and rock-type Pokémon Tyranitar. In this way, we can see that the XXL is the largest of all and is the one that will be most noticeable on the game map.

It should be noted that the XXS and XXL sizes officially arrived in the game in December 2022, however, on that occasion they were only available for poochyena, mightyena Y Mawile.

How do XXS and XXL sizes work in Pokémon GO? Very simple, the variations can be checked directly from the map view, in Pokémon encounters, in Pokédex tokens and when using the augmented reality (AR) camera. Basically, the Pokémon will come out larger or smaller than their regular size. Sizes will now be recorded in the Pokédex. When you capture all 3 variants, the Pokédex will show you the records with the largest and smallest.

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“Keep your eyes peeled for your favorite Pokemon, the next one could be tiny or absolutely huge!” Niantic says of the update.

Are you ready to catch Pokémon of different sizes? Have you already captured an XXL one? Tell us on social networks.

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