Valorant: The LOCK//IN format does not convince the community

The Lock//IN of Sao Paulo will bring together the best teams in the world of Valorant. This event is one of the best in the history of shooter and the expectation for him is maximum. The debut of the three Spanish teams, TenZ or Fnatic are several of the attractions of this tournament that will prelude the new franchise system in the three major regions of the game.

After the presentation of the tournament we know the format of 32 teams that will fight for this trophy and an extra spot for the Masters. The draw will be divided into two brackets of 16 teams in which the first games will be the best of three and then the semis and final will be the best of five. For this they have named the groups as Alpha and Omega, which will be played on these dates:

  • Alpha Draw Matches: February 13-19
  • Omega Table Games: February 22-27

The final phase will be held on these dates:

  • Semifinals: March 2 and 3
  • End: March 4

The big problem with the format is that it is win or go home. A defeat means elimination, and therefore all the preparation for this test can go to hell in the blink of an eye.

Very attractive matches on the first day

Let’s go with the two parts of the painting, which we will separate by the aforementioned Alpha and Omega paintings. In it, KOI and Giants could meet in the second round if they win their games. Heretics has also fallen on that side of the table, and if they pass, they will face each other in the semifinals:

alpha group

  • KOI vs. NRG
  • Giants vs. DFM
  • Gen.G vs. Loud
  • Karmine Corp vs. FPX
  • BBL vs. XRD
  • Paper Rex vs. Cloud9
  • Team Heretics vs. Evil Geniuses
  • mibr vs heel

Omega Group

  • Team Liquid vs. Team Secret
  • NAVI vs KRU
  • ZETA vs Leviathan
  • Vitality vs. Global Esports
  • FUT Esports vs Rex Regum Qeon
  • 100 Thieves vs. EDG
  • Sentinels vs. Fnatic
  • T1 vs Fury

Undoubtedly, there are many great games in this inaugural tournament, and many of them would be perfect for advanced matches or even early finals, especially the Sentinels vs Fnatic in a duel in style between two of the teams that aspired to everything. Unfortunately, and since there are no losers, we will only see them compete once, officially, before they start their respective VCT

Valorant: Riot’s problems to give the final charms of Episode 5

Riot is experiencing issues with giving Rank Charms to many of Valorant’s users. Many players who ended up on Ascendant have been given charms of Diamond or lower. The company is already working on fixing it and everything should be back to normal in a matter of hours.

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