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The competitive scene Valorant kicks off this year with a new format based on three major world leagues and to celebrate, Riot Games has confirmed all the details of what will be the biggest competitive event in the company’s history. It’s about the call VCT Lock In. This will be the first official event in which we will be able to see all the great teams that will participate in the major competitions organized by the company throughout 2023. It will take place in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and a total of 32 will meet there teams. It is this amount that makes it the most ambitious celebration the developers have ever thrown till the date.

KOI, Team Heretics, Giants and all teams participating in the Valorant VCT Lock In

Valorant’s VCT Lock In will have a large Spanish representation. Of the 32 participating teams there will be three that will come to the tournament from Spain. They are Team Heretics, Giants Gaming Y koi. All of them arrive at the event as participants in the next VCT EMEA, which will be the great continental tournament that will face teams from Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. The rest of the teams in the region (7) will also participate, as well as the 10 from the Americas and the 10 from the Pacific region. To complete the performance, two Chinese teams will be invited. Although a competitive region as such has not yet formed in the country, the recent approval of the game in this area of ​​Asia invites this special consideration.

The participating teams in the tournament are as follows…





BBL Esports

100 thieves

Detonation FocusMe

Edward Gaming




FunPlus Phoenix

FUT Esports

Evil Geniuses




Global Esports

Karmine Corp

KRÜ Esports

paper rex



Rex Regum Qeon

Natus Vincere



Team Heretics


Talon Esports

Team Liquid


Team Secret

Team Vitality


ZETA Division

VCT Champions Lock In Format

Riot Games has formed a knockout table made up of 32 teams which, therefore, will begin in the round of 32. There will be no second chances, which means that a single defeat leaves the clubs out of the competition. All matches are played to the best of three maps, with the exception of the semifinals and final, which will be the best of five. To carry out the draw, a series of special considerations have been taken into account. The main objective is for the regions to play against each other, so it has been ‘rigged’ so that the following conditions are met…

  • There are 5 EMEA vs Pacific qualifiers
  • There are 5 qualifiers America vs Pacific
  • There are 4 EMEA vs America qualifiers
  • There is 1 tie EMEA vs China
  • There is 1 America vs China tie
  • Teams from the same region are spaced as far apart as possible to prevent them from playing each other unless they reach the later stages of the tournament.
Lock In Spanish

The Spanish teams already know their first confrontation

To dissuade concerns, we must know that Riot Games has decided to carry out a single elimination format due to the magnitude of the event. From the company they have assured that formats with second chances will return during the season.

Dates and times of the VCT Lock In

As usual in large Riot Games tournaments, the event will take place over several weeks. This time it will take place, specifically, between February 13 and March 4. Also, every day in which there are matches they will start at 18:00. Depending on the phase of the competition, up to three matches can take place per day.

Key dates

  • From February 13 to 19: The elimination rounds are played on the left side of the table (KOI, Giants and Team Heretics are in it). There are games every day except for Thursday the 16th, which will be a rest day.
  • From February 22 to 27: The elimination rounds are played on the right side of the box (KRÜ and Leviatán are in it). There are matches every day without exception.
  • March 2 and 3: The semifinals are disputed. That is, the last round of Side A and Side B.
  • March 4: The final is disputed. That is, the winning team of Side A and the winning team of Side B compete against each other.
ctv 2023

The VCT Lock In will kick off the new competitive season of Valorant

Riot Games has only announced its official broadcast channels for the tournament broadcast, but It is to be hoped that all the games can be seen in Spanish thanks to the LVP.

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