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We all get frustrated when we want to play something in our free time, but it turns out that there are bugs that prevent us from doing so. Fortnite today is a perfect example of this, seeing how many of its users are being affected by a bug. But what is happening and, above all, what can you do about it? This is what happens with the bug “You have successfully logged out.”

For almost an hour, the Epic Games video game has been giving its users problems, who see their sessions interrupted or are simply unable to enter to play to the most famous and successful battle royale in the world. Without an explicit message that says what is happening, the bizarre confirmation that you have logged out has left more than one in doubt.

As confirmed the official Fortnite status account, there is a part of your community that is being affected by this bizarre message. Without even being able to get to the main menu and without any explanationIf it is coming out for you too, the important thing is that you know that this is normal. You have not done anything wrong, nor do you need to reinstall the game. Indeed, Fortnite is, in effect, down.

But what can you do to be able to go shooting with your friends? Well, the truth is that, at least at the time of writing this article, nothing. From Epic Games they have assured that they are investigating the cause of the matter to correct it as soon as possible. Fortnite parents ask us for patience At the same time, they promise to notify us with all the news that they discover.

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If the idea of ​​waiting doesn’t appeal to you and you want to play something with your friends right now, I recommend taking a look at our list of MMOs to play in 2023. On the other hand, if you have the patience and enough time, it will be time to trust that Epic fix this mess quickly.

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