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One of the novelties of Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 1 has also been the appearance on the new island of a gadget capable of revealing all kinds of interesting data, as well as loading us to the brim with loot, while we play ‘capture the flag’.

These new items are Capture Points, and they are one of the great incentives to fight in some of the main locations on the island. Well, in all of them there is one of these points, which we must claim for ourselves as soon as possible, or try to prevent it from being conquered by the enemy if we are close.

When claiming a Capture Point, It gives us a large amount of loot and reveals the location of all the chests, as well as every living thing: enemy or animal, that is in the vicinity. Ideal to find that enemy who was hiding waiting to surprise us, or catch the other rivals from behind who were looking to kill us while we claimed this point.

All Capture Point locations in Fortnite

Maybe the team Fortnite he thought that real pitched battles would take place around this Capture Point, creating Capture the Flag mini-maps in the middle of the battle royale. But the truth is that on many occasions we can make it ours without opposition.

That is why in this week’s missions we find ourselves obliged to go and claim them. A total of five phases. So we will have a week to fight for these points whenever possible. Which We can find them in each of the locations on the map:

  • medieval pier
  • The Citadel
  • Kinetic Quarry
  • picturesque square
  • grand farm
  • Brutal Bastion
  • Far Laboratories
  • bubbling bay
  • Contrasting City

claim point capture fortnite locations

Each location has its specific capture point. In some, like the Kinetic Quarry, it is somewhat more hidden among the rocks; in some cities it is right in the center of the main square, surrounded by houses; and in more open locations, they are located in the most unprotected area possible, lying in wait for any distant gaze.

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