Who are the players of Los Troncos FC de Perxitaa? Kings League Squad

Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos announced the creation of a new soccer league made up of 12 teams which will be chaired by streamers and ex-soccer players and who will be in charge of managing each of the participating clubs.

This is the Kings League, a real competition in which every week there will be matches between the 12 teams until they reach the playoffs. From that moment on, the matches will continue until the champion of the first edition is proclaimed.

One of the member teams of the Kings League is The Trunks FC, chaired by Perxitaa. Next, we tell you all the details about which players make up your squad.

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Who is Perxitaa, president of Los Troncos FC of the Kings League?


Jaume Cremades, better known as Perxitaa, He is one of the most important streamers in Spain. He began his journey in the networks on YouTube with the well-known video game Minecraft, which he put aside to embark on GTA V, where he coincided with other content creators.

Currently he continues to enjoy Minecraft with his great community, made up of more than two million people on YouTube and more than one million followers on Twitch.

Who is the manager of Los Troncos FC, Perxitaa’s team in the Kings League?

Pol Font

The coach of Los Troncos FC is Pol Font, Soccer coach known for his time at the best soccer academies in Catalonia, such as CF Damm or UE Cornellá. He has more than 15 years of experience on the bench and currently manages the Perxitaa team in the Kings League.

Squad and players of Los Troncos FC, Perxitaa’s team in the Kings League

The Trunks FC



  • Fran Álvarez (Player 11)
  • David Soriano


  • Sergio Sanchez
  • noel lopez
  • Xavier Molas
  • ivan new


  • Edgar Alvaro
  • Raul Martinez
  • Dorkis Perez

Match schedule of Los Troncos FC de Perxitaa in the Kings League

The Trunks FC

  • day 1: Los Troncos FC 5-3 XBUYER TEAM
  • day 2: Swine FC 5-3 The Trunks FC
  • day 3: Los Troncos FC 3-2 IOP FC
  • day 4: Ultimate Móstoles vs Los Troncos FC (Sunday, January 22 at 4:00 p.m.)
  • day 5: Los Troncos FC vs Aniquiladores FC (Sunday, February 5)
  • day 6: El Barrio vs Los Troncos FC (Sunday, February 12)
  • day 7: Los Troncos FC vs Ultimate Móstoles (Sunday, February 19)
  • Matchday 8: 1K FC vs Los Troncos FC (Sunday, February 26)
  • day 9: Kunisports vs Los Troncos FC (Sunday, March 5)
  • day 10: Los Troncos FC vs Rayo de Barcelona (Sunday, March 12)
  • day 11: Jijantes FC vs Los Troncos FC (Sunday March 19)

When is the Kings League played?

kings league

The official Twitter account has advanced the dates on which both the group stage as the qualifiers of the Kings League. These are the days you have marked on the 2023 calendar:

Where is the Kings League played?

soccer 20062022

The Kings League is played on a pavilion located in the port of Barcelona, ​​in one of its five areas: the Zona Franca .

The sports complex of the ZA L, named by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué as the cupra arena hosts all football league matches.

Where and how to watch the Kings League?

kings league

The Kings League, whose first edition will start in January 2023, is held in Barcelona which hosts all matches open to the public.

Likewise, each of the matches can be followed online through the channels of the streamers that face each other each day and through the official Kings League channels.

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