10 years of xPeke’s legendary backdoor are celebrated

Time flies by for everyone. It seems not, but things that seem to us to have happened yesterday have been behind us for a decade. Today, January 19, 2023 It is a very special date for lovers of competitive League of Legends, especially for the Spanish fans. Ten years agoa young man from Murcia who defended the shield of fnatic It marked a unique moment in his career and one that would go down in history. We talk about back door of an Enrique Cedeño «xPeke» which occurred in the IEM against him SK Gaming by Carlos RodriguezOcelot«.

53 minute start they were wearing when this historic moment occurred. The global scoreboard showed 30 kills, 18 of them in favor of SK Gaming. As if that were not enough, the gold marker was more than tight. And at that moment, xPeke decided to get the full potential of his Kassadin to end the rival nexus with a back door which is already the history of competitive League of Legends and which is 10 years ago today.

The mythical back door xPeke turns 10

Beating Ocelote’s SK Gaming like that is something everyone will remember. Despite not following competitive League of Legends at the time, surely you have come across this play on YouTube or Twitter on more than one occasion.

Despite the fact that on other occasions he would repeat this type of strategy, the back door Ocelot will always remain in our minds. Not only for the play itself, but for everything he brought with him: the celebration of Cyanide jumping and hugging their peers or a Ocelot sad with hands on face.

Even if Fnatic did not manage to win the tournament, since it would fall into the hands of gambitwe will always remember that IEM for a moment as spectacular as the back door by xPeke.

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