After all the controversy, es3tag will be FaZe’s fifth in BLAST

While everything was ready for the start of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, the community had its sights set on a major controversy. FaZe confirmed this Wednesday that he would not finally contest the event even with RobbaN ni Rain. The latter would be pending the birth of his son while the coach could not be with the team due to “personal problems.” All this came one day before the team’s debut in BLAST Premier, so the rush was evident. Finally, and much controversy after we highlight now, es3tag will complete the roster from FaZe, but with a small problem.

When FaZe confirmed the absences of the two mentioned, everyone looked at k0nfig, a luxury substitute for several teams for a few weeks. The player himself published a “see you soon” that confirmed the speculations, but there was a big problem: was enrolled as a substitute for Heroic. For his part, FaZe had an olofmeister who was at home playing VALORANT. Despite all this, at first, as the players have highlighted, BLAST He did not complain that the Dane was the fifth FaZe player, a decision that they would take back minutes later and that has bothered.

FaZe players criticize BLAST Premier

Karrigan and Twistz They did not believe the situation and answered all the information that was appearing in the media. «BLAST reject the decision of BLAST“, highlighted the Canadian. Ropz has not been silent either and has assured that not even k0nfig himself knew that he was Heroic’s substitute. The own ropz has carried out the tweet more tense after praising, ironically, the circuit of BLAST Premier. For its part, the organizer of the event has issued a official statementl Assuring that everything has been a misunderstanding caused by poor communication.

Finally, FaZe would confirm the registration of es3tag, a player who was benched from Ninjas in Pajamas in December. The latter is a problem, since the Dane still has a contract with the organization and will not be able to play a hypothetical FaZe – NIP. In the event that this crossing occurs, FaZe would have to play with a RobbaN who is unknown if he will be in Denmark at that time. Undoubtedly, the season has started with a lot of controversy and has generated a tense climate in various professionals on the scene.

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