After ten years of complaints, Minecraft developers finally fix the bug most hated by veteran players – Minecraft

The developers of Minecraft are testing a new patch that resolves one of the oldest and most troublesome bugs in the game. Have passed more than ten years since the community notified the creators and since then a correction has been requested countless times. However, time passed without anyone deciding to act. During all this time the combat systemsimple but effective, did not finish working the way it was originally intended by Mojang.

Minecraft ‘bug’ resolved after a decade of complaints

The glitch is quite simple to explain and will be immediately recognized by all Minecraft players. Every time we receive an attack, the game causes our character to suffer a small bounce left. The thing is, originally, things didn’t work that way. Instead, the small jump of the character was made in the opposite direction to which we receive damage. If something hits us from the right, to the left; if it is forward, backwards and so with all directions. The glitch was accidentally introduced into the game in February 2012 (Update 1.2) and since then it has been notified in the list of ‘known bugs’.

Initially this issue only affected online matches. Nevertheless, version 1.3 introduced a change that caused it to be reproduced widely. When we play Minecraft, even alone or offline, we are doing it on a kind of internal server. This is a small change made to make LAN connections easier. However, this fake ‘allways online’ was the one that “sealed the fate of this mechanic”, as indicated by a user who shared the information with the rest of the community members on Reddit.

Minecraft Current

Players starting Minecraft after 2012 won’t even know this was a bug.

The ‘bug’ itself was easy to fix, but it created a problem. When a glitch spends that long in the game it’s assumed to be the norm, especially when it’s not an obvious bug. In this sense, the real challenge was making a decision about what to do with the Minecraft damage mechanic, since it is still an element that affects the confrontations between players in online games. That is why the developers did not introduce a solution at an official level and allowed anyone who so wished to fix it through ‘mods’.

Despite being released in 2011, Minecraft is one of the most interesting games ever due to its almost endless options. Did you even know that there really is an ending or what is the most common block in the world?

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