All about the Friends feature in Pokémon GO

The list of Friends in Pokémon GO It has become an important function for the mobile game, since it not only allows us to have our friends in the video game, but also offers us several possibilities and benefits to take into account. In this guide we will explain everything about this function introduced in 2018.

What are the advantages of this feature?

Send gifts to friends in Pokémon GO

Apart from knowing information about your Friends in Pokémon GO, such as their level, see what partner they are carrying, what is the last Pokémon they have caught, if you are online, etc. We can also fight with them and exchange Pokémon, as well as send and receive gifts. These gifts come with different rewards: Poké Balls, eggs, stardust, etc. Also, gifts can be accompanied by stickers. Although you can only send one to each person and, until they open it, you can’t send them another. You also can’t open more than 20 gifts a day or send more than 100.

There are five levels of friendship: Friendship, Good Friendship, Great Friendship, Ultra Friendship, and Unmatched Friendship. These are represented in Pokémon GO with four hearts Each one will grant you a series of benefits. With the interaction to your friends in pokemon go that level of friendship will increase and the higher it is, the better advantages you will have. As more amount of rewards in raids and additional bonuses that are detailed on the official website:

  • Friendship: trade Pokemon.
  • Good friendship: special exchanges.
  • Great friendship: reduced amount of steral powder needed to trade, an additional Honor Ball for participating in a raid with your friend, and a small attack boost after fighting together.
  • ultra friendship: reduced amount of stardust needed to trade, two Honor Balls for participating in a raid with your friend, and the ability to share an EX raid invite between the two of you.
  • Unmatched Friendship: Further reduction in the amount of Stardust needed to trade, four Honor Balls for participating in a raid between the two of you, a nice attack boost after fighting together, and the chance to share an EX raid invite between the two of you.

In 2019 they added the Alucky friendship, that you get after interacting with a friend in Pokémon GO have peerless friendship. In this way, when exchanging with each other you will have a Lucky Pokemon. The Lucky Pokemon they only need half as much stardust to evolve. When you do that swap, it will revert back to the state peerless friendship. You are more likely to have a lucky friendship during some events, such as Lunar New Year 2023 in Pokémon GO.

Also, sometimes it can be used to complete research tasks that they ask you to send a number of gifts.

It is worth mentioning that if you eliminate someone in Pokémon GO from your friends list and you add it again, you will continue to maintain the same level of friendship, although only for a certain time.

How to add friends to Pokémon GO

pokemon go trainer code

The process to add to friends in pokemon go It is very simple. There are three different ways: by sending our friend code and having the other person add us, by adding us or by sending a QR code.

For the first case, you must enter your profile, select “friends”, hit “add friends” and copy the friend code to send it to the person you want to have on your list. On the other hand, to add someone is done in the same “add friends” section, but writing the other player’s code. If what you want is to add or have people add you through a QR code, in that same section it is on the right side of the friend code. And to scan it you must click on the “QR code” tab.

It is also possible to add friends in pokemon go linking the account with Facebook.

How to delete friends in Pokémon GO

Many users send their friend code of Pokémon GO making it public on the Internet to increase friendships easily. For this reason, many trainers have a large number of people added to the roster. However, there are certain limitations. You can only add a total of 400 friends. And over time, certain people may have stopped playing and therefore you want to add more active people to interact and receive bonuses.

No need to worry as the process remains just as simple. The first thing to do is enter your profile, go to the “friends” tab, select the person you want to delete, slide the screen to the bottom and the “delete friend” option will appear there.

Something interesting about this function is that the player will not be notified at any time that he has been removed from the friends list by you. You will simply disappear from their list in Pokémon GO.

You may be interested to know that the friends list in Pokémon GO is shared with the rest of the games niantic. So if you remove someone from one of these, they will also disappear from the rest.

Pokémon GO is a free game for mobile devices (iOS and Android) developed by niantic and released on July 16, 2016.

What do you think of the function? Friends in Pokémon GO?

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