Auronplay wants Minecraft Extreme to have two editions a year

It’s only been three days since it started Minecraft Extreme and many streamers have lost more than one life. Some have even already said goodbye to the series. 8cho Y Joseph They have been the most recent, losing all three lives in a few minutes while we were writing this news.

Auronplay has spoken about it. The streamerone of the creators together with Tanizen Y reborn, has been surprised by the level shown by some of the participants. She thought that they were not going to die so soon. He has been partly concerned about the duration of the series. “It will last three days“, he lamented.

Despite the outlook, Auron has been optimistic. In fact, he has lit up the light bulb. Perhaps it is something that they had already considered, but he has realized that since it is a fun and short-lived series, it would be possible to do two editions a yearinstead of one.

I thought the level would be higher“, he explains. “But I see that people are blocked. Well, it’s okay, we’ll do another edition. I think I’m going to tell Heberon that we could do the series twice a year. From here to six months We can do it again.”

They are short, fun series…“, he recounted to justify a more than good idea, that of returning to Extreme Minecraft before the end of the year. Or, for example, in six months, before a new season of Tortilla Land.

In any case, Minecraft Extreme continues. Actually there are many streamers They haven’t lost a single life yet. Auron himself had the marker still immaculate until I looked up at the second monitor and saw him jump to death. She no longer has three, but two lives.

We’ll see how long the series lasts at the end. The fewer participants left, the more cautious they will be. Now that they still have the largest groups, they will be braver, but the time will come to seek to preserve life as it is.

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