Bombshell! The Champions Queue officially arrives in EMEA

The requests of many players and fans have been heard. A year ago, Riot Games tested a new tool for players in the League Championship Series (LCS). We talk about the Champions Queuethat competitive server that allowed professionals to train for future competitions and increase their level to the highest possible level.

Throughout this year, Riot Games has kept under a magnifying glass all the progress of this Champions Queue and now he wants to go one step further. Following the announcement of a new format and a completely revamped LECwhich comes under the name of League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), it is time to take a step forward in terms of the training format of the players. Yes, It’s time to welcome the Champions Queue to the EMEA ecosystem.

Riot confirms the arrival of the Champions Queue to EMEA

With the Champions Queue, Players can train and compete in matches of Only Q but in a practically professional environment and without meeting those players who seek to lose on purpose or go AFK. It provides both a automatic creation of lobby What voice channels to communicate and departure reports. All invited players will enter a Discord server in which all matches will be monitored.

The Champions Queue of EMEA will open its doors next January 24 and its completion is marked for the 23 of February. Will be available from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 02:00 a.m. (CET). During the last hour will be allowed picks out of role as they expect fewer players to be active. As for the splitsthe Champions Queue from EMEA will be divided as follows:

  • Split 1: January 24 – February 23
  • Split 2: February 28 – March 31
  • M: YES: Still to be decided
  • Split 3: March 30 – June 30
  • Split 4: July 4 – August 11

Who will be invited and how is it decided who accesses?

As revealed by Riot Games, the players who are part of the Champions Queue will be those who belong to the LEC or to the erl accredited. They could also invite some professionals who are not currently part of a team’s starting squad but who continue to play at a high competitive level, that is, the substitutes of the LEC. Finally, they could access those players who have competed in the LEC for at least one season and who have already closed in the last season Grandmaster either challenger.

A few weeks after its opening, a players advice. This council will be the one that decides who will be able to enter this server. From Riot they will work with teams and players to decide which professionals should be part of this council. Of course, these professionals must seek at all times the integrity of the Champions Queue and expel the necessary members.

We will see how it works and if the players manage to display their maximum level in this Champions Queue. We remind you that this server will also award prizes at the end of the Split.

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