Coscu returns to competitive League of Legends with Zeko and Undead BK


The renowned Argentine streamer was introduced to the new Undead roster, which will participate this year in the Master Flow League.

Coscu returns to competitive League of Legends with Zeko and Undead BK
Coscu returns to competitive League of Legends with Zeko and Undead BK

The League of Legends Master Flow League It is the most outstanding competition in Argentina of the Riot Games game, organized by the LVP. The league starts this Thursday, January 19 and there was only one team left to confirm the roster with the players that will represent them during the competition: Undead BK.

And the wait was worth it. The Undead BK lineup was revealed at night with an extraordinary video in which the six new players of the team were presented, with a very outstanding surprise and it is about of Coscu’s return to competitive League of Legends.

Martín Di Salvo, better known as coscuis one of the most influential streamers in the Hispanic community and will try his luck again in the competitive League of Legends after a failed pass through KRÜ Esports at the beginning of last year.

At the time, coscu shared equipment with Zekoone of his great friends in this world and they will try again together in Undead BK, since Zeko will be the midlaner of the team to participate in the LVP Argentina of League of Legends.

The roster is completed with fzx, uxie Y earlythree players without much competitive experience, while the star if at the level of play and scrolls within the competitive we speak is the Uruguayan xypherzwho has competed for a couple of years in the LLA and last passed through River Plate Gaming in the Master Flow League.

Undead BK roster for the Master Flow League:

• Top: Franco “FZX” Mare
• Jungle: Santiago “XypherZ” De Leon
• Mid: Federico “zEK0” Crystalline
• ADC: Laureano Damian “Uxie” Frias
Support: Martin “Coscu” Perez Di Salvo
• Substitute: Lucas Ezequiel “Proto” Ortiz
• Coach: Matías “Kure” Pulido

Undead BK’s debut in the League of Legends Master Flow League will take place this Thursday, January 19, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. (Argentine time) against River Plate Gaming, on the first date of the new season of the competition.

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