Discover the changes that will come to the League of Legends LEC

There is no formula that guarantees 100% success when it comes to predicting what will happen in a confrontation between two rivals. However, there is something that brings you closer to success. The greater the knowledge of the subject, the less margin of error and therefore you have to know all the changes that will be made in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC).

The format: Three splits in LEC 2023

The biggest European League of Legends competition changes completely for 2023. Riot Games has made no minor changes to the LEC format and, at first, it can be confusing. However, these changes add more value to each game, the teams play more in each of the matches since there are three splits (winter, spring and summer) and there will be a tournament at the end of the season to crown the LEC champion of the year.

These splits are divided into three stages: regular phase, group stage and playoffs. The novelty of this year is the existence of a group stage prior to the playoffs. It is also known that these groups will divide the qualifiers into two, which will be eight teams divided into two groups. With this we will have more games and more League of Legends to analyze.

teams and players

The player market League of Legends in Europe has moved a lot. Many teams have stirred up the hornet’s nest to improve for 2023. Likewise, the players who have remained in their teams and who maintain a special synergy with their teammates must also be taken into account.

Looking to 2023 we will have everything since, on the one hand, we have the example of G2 Esports that has changed everything except the top lane while, on the other hand, MAD Lions has made moves around ElYoya and has recovered carzzy.

There is a lot of level in the shooter profile and you can see that by looking at how great players have been left without a chair. Case of flakked who for the moment stays in the academy of Heretics waiting for the role of a Jackspektra who left in ERL last season. We also have, in the absence of confirmation, the return of Rekkles a fnatic.

How to improve LEC betting

Having this clear, it would be necessary to see how the teams develop throughout the season. You have to be very attentive, especially at the beginning and not put aside the metagame that we find ourselves at the beginning of the season.

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