Find out all the details of Fortnite Battle Royale update 23.20

Looking for loot? Battle Royale Update 23.20 includes the Scouting Falcon to help you on your quest for loot and Reality Augments to guide you to hidden treasures. This update includes a total of five new reality augmentations.

The Scouting Falcon: A Remote Controlled Squawking Machine

Fortnite Falcon Scout Gameplay 1

The scouting hawk it is a majestic creature that will help you achieve the noblest victory, and it is at your complete disposal. Deploy your scouting falcon and control its flight, place signs and markers, and squawk to create a radius in which any opponent will be marked for your squad. You can also use your scouting hawk to open containers and collect loot. Take the loot to where you are or to where one of your companions is and take flight to find more.

Fortnite Falcon Scout Gameplay 2

To make it easier to control your Scouting Falcon, the view will change so that you are behind it. This can throw you off guard if you’re not with the rest of your team, so make sure you find a safe place if you’re fighting alone. Also, be careful where you fly, as your enemies can deal damage to the falcon, although you can always check its status on its health bar. Since the scouting hawk is remote controlled, there is a distance limit from your position which can be seen on the distance bar.

You’ll find Scouting Falcons on the ground, in regular chests, Oath Chests, and Supply Drops, and you can use the same one as many times as you want in the same game.

New reality augmentations!

Five new reality augmentations join the battle with update 23.20! From now on, you can use the following augmentations:

Banana Loot

Fortnite Peelys Plunder Reality Augment

Receive a treasure map that will guide you to buried treasure.

medical shotgun

Fortnite Shotgun Striker Reality Augment

Hitting opponents restores health and shield

lesson in humility

Fortnite Rarity Check Reality Augment

You restore health and shield by eliminating opponents with common and uncommon weapons.

zero movement

Fortnite Zero Chance Reality Augment

You will gain zero offset for a period of time when you shield break an enemy.

danger lover

Fortnite Danger Hero Reality Augment

You regain health and gain movement speed for a short time when your shield breaks.

Hired characters can hang out with you

Thanks to update 23.10, hired characters can now get into vehicles as passengers! You no longer have to dump Helsie or disrespect Raptorian the Brave.

In case you missed it: dynamic 3D resolution on computers

With the 23.10 update, we have added the adjustment of dynamic 3D resolution in Fortnite for computers. You can access it in the “Graphics Quality” section of the video settings when the rendering mode is set to DirectX 12. Fortnite PC players can turn on Dynamic 3D Resolution when the “Antialiasing & Super Resolution” setting is set to one of the temporal super resolution options. Also, players will need to have run the “Automatically adjust quality” option at least once

Dynamic 3D Resolution allows game resolution to adjust to performance, thus allowing for higher and smoother frame rates as GPU load changes. Please note that this requires more computer memory usage in case you need a higher rendering resolution. Dynamic 3D resolution is also available on creator-designed islands and in Save the World.

Competitive Fortnite Notices

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused us to have to disable Deku’s Smash in Battle Royale and Zero Build, so we’ve re-enabled it.

  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused players to sometimes be knocked off the map when climbing.

  • Fixed an issue where sprinting would sometimes be disabled for an entire match.

  • Reality Augments are once again unlockable by teammates.

  • Players can again consistently damage items with the pickaxe.

  • Players are once again able to select reality augmentations when riding a dirt bike.

  • Players can now use the Guardian Shield when riding on the back of an OG Bear Truck or Dirt Bike.

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