Fortnite and the Steelers launch special map in the NFL Zone

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced the release of a team-inspired map within the video game Fortnite. In Creative Play mode, players will be able to find maps for other teams in the NFL Zone.

“Always we seek creative ways to connect with our young fans and continue to grow the Steelers Nationsaid Ryan Huzjak, vice president of sales and marketing. “This new and innovative approach ensures that the Steelers legacy lives on for many generations.”

The NFL Zone will have a minigame called Blitz the Bag and there will also be a special Football form of the classic seek and destroy mode called ‘seek and sack.

In addition, there will be a competition between the AFC and the NFC under the help of participating content creators. In the NFL Zone there will be a giant scoreboard and after a duel between the conferences a division will be defined as champion.

LazarBeam and Nick Eh will be the content creators in charge of streaming the Steelers map on Twitch. In addition, they will upload videos to TikTok and stories to YouTube.

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map code

Steelers fans can find the map in two ways. Gamers can access finding Pittsburgh by switching game modes in the Discover tab or through the following code: 5274-0885-4906.

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