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Fortnite Chapter 4 has the community hooked with tons of activities, but nothing is enough to keep climbing your way to the most exclusive Battle Pass prizes. We are sorry to tell you that you may not reach the finish line while having fun in Battle Royale, but you shouldn’t worry about that. There are those who know of maps with XP glitches available in Creative Mode and without risk of banning.

The best of these mistakes Fortnite is that players can earn XP passively and without risk of ban. After joining the map and interacting with some objects, they can simply leave the game on and earn thousands of XP by doing nothing. This practice is something that gamers call AFK and it is not illegal if you do not abuse the method in your games.

the youtuber GKI posted a video showing how to get a good amount of XP through the following creative map: 1001-5222-9786. Upon joining the stage, you will have to follow a whole series of actions so that you start to constantly generate XP.

Most of the time you will have to detect the hidden buttons to automatically add experience points. There are several actions that you must complete so that you add thousands of points per minute and thus climb up to level 200 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite.

Here we show you what you must do to earn that XP that is waiting for you.

FORTNITE | How much V-Bucks you can earn for free

Now nothing can be done without money. The V-Bucks in Fortnite Episode 4 – Season 1 they are essential for microtransactions when purchasing exclusive items. But can you get them for free?

Players who do not intend to purchase the Battle Pass from Fortnite they will still be able to claim some items, including 300 V-Bucks; however, they will need to reach a certain level in order to claim in-game currency for free.

Those interested in redeeming free V-Bucks at Fortnite You can refer to the following table. Players must reach the levels that correspond to the Battle Pass page to claim:

  • 100 V-Bucks – Page 4 / Level 20
  • 100 V-Bucks – Page 8 / Level 46
  • 100 V-Bucks – Page 13 / Level 86

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