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The second part of Oathbound Quests was released with the v23.20 update of Fortnite Chapter 4. This time, Rift Warden Stellan needs the loopers to help him with the task of building the Rift Gate around the island.

Once you are done with the first two stages of Oathbound Quests, the third requires you to repair malfunctioning electronic devices by damaging them. We tell you how to do the challenge so that you can take the XP of the activity.

Before starting the search, go to the tab Oathbound Quests in the menu of Fortnite to see the malfunctioning electronics located between the Citadel and Breakwater Bay. It is advisable that you complete Stage 3 of the Oathbound Quests only after Stage 2.

FORTNITE | How to complete Stage 3

You will then need to approach the faulty sparking wire near the malfunctioning equipment and simply hit it with its pickaxe. Once it does, the cable will automatically repair itself and you will have said electronic equipment repaired. To check if the fault has been fixed, go up close to the equipment and see if any sparks are still coming out.

In general, there are three electronic components that you will need to repair in a similar way that are located next to each other in the same area of ​​the island of Fortnite.

The Oathbound Quests they are quite extensive and require players to perform unusual actions other than those required in battle royale mode. However, they do offer a 20,000 XP reward after successfully completing each stage.

FORTNITE CHAPTER 4 | Week 7 Challenges

  • Break an opponent’s shields or have them break your shields (1)
  • Replay increases in different matches (5)
  • Restore Health or Shields with Augments (250)
  • Restores shields to yourself or other friendly players (100)
  • Mark enemies in a single match (10)
  • Mark enemies (5)

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