Fortnite Save the World Update 23.20 Base Status Report

The Winter Veil Seasonal Quest will end soon, but that means the Seasonal Quest for Placid Prairie is about to start! Be sure to complete any remaining Winterfest quests before the Placid Meadow Seasonal Adventure begins on January 26, 2023 at 01:00 CET.

Also, with the 23.20 update, players can overcome obstacles! Now, when you sprint towards an obstacle, you will automatically avoid it. Also comes a new biome of Autumnal Hills that includes the new heroine of saving the world: the autumn queen.

Seek the Autumn Queen

Fortnite Autumn Queen Png

The shell harvest is coming! – Autumnal Queen

A new heroine arrives to Save the World! We introduce you to the Autumnal Queen, a soldier heroine. The Autumnal Queen has a new standard perk, force of naturewhich allows, when used Shock wave, your pet activates an additional one. This perk works on boars, velociraptors, and wolves, and pets will also get the bonuses from all of the perks from Shock wave active.

Combine the Force of Nature perk with the lifelink of Gia so that both you and your tamed wild animals will recover health.

Complete the new Autumn Hills quests to unlock the Autumn Queen, who will be added permanently. You can unlock it after the first Planktown Storm Shield Defense mission.

Placid Meadow Seasonal Adventure Returns

Fortnite Mild Meadowns Venture Png

The Placid Prairie season begins on January 26 at 01:00 CET.

In Placid Prairie, commanders will be able to enjoy the benefits of magnification modifier, which means that as your Commander’s killstreaks increase, your team will receive a small buff to deal additional damage (with a maximum increase of 100%). Additionally, killstreaks will cause an elemental burst at all commander locations, dealing damage and unleashing additional effects!

Elimination Streak Effects

30 Eliminations: Burst of Nature – Mother Nature is on your side! This burst deals damage and stuns nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

60 eliminations: Burst of Fire – Is it very hot or is it your elimination streak? This burst deals damage and a burn debuff that deals damage every second.

90 Eliminations: Dance Party – Everyone to dance! This burst deals damage, refills the commander’s energy, and last but not least, causes the husks to dance for 7 seconds.

120 Eliminations: Frozen Blast – After warming up the atmosphere with fire and dancing, it’s time to leave them frozen! This burst will deal damage and freeze nearby enemies for 5 seconds


150 eliminations: Energy Burst – It’s time to unleash the power! This burst will deal damage and cause nearby enemies to take increased damage for 10 seconds


Keep in mind that if you miss the killstreak, your boost bonus will reset, so go ahead and kill as many husks as possible as soon as possible.

War games

Major Oswald is upgrading the base’s defenses, putting the commanders and the base to the ultimate test. In War gamesHead over to your storm shield bases and test your defenses against unusual and destructive simulations. Complete daily quests and weekly challenges to get event tickets, gold, banners, evolution materials, and perk rewards.

Fortnite Wargames Png


A meteorite has crashed and has shaken the base to its foundations! Ray has gone out to investigate, leaving Lok, the self-proclaimed ANOTHER robot, in charge. Help Lok to lead the group in the missions of blockbuster. As rewards from these quests, you will get Carbidethe mythical soldier (with his standard perk loading and unloadingwhich applies affliction and deals 13 base energy damage per second for three seconds) and caped starthe mythical ninja (whose standard perk fan of stars allows you to throw all the ninja stars in an arc at once and adds an additional star).

the moon flame

say hello to the moon flame. This little one can contain all the power of the dragon weapons and the heroes of the Lunar New Year. Get it in exchange for event tickets at the llama shop.

Fortnite Lunar Flame Png

Error correction

With the 23.20 update, we’ve made a number of important bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed a bug that caused bronze rewards to not be awarded correctly upon winning “Destroy the Camps”.

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