How to get a heart in the shape of a cross in Valorant

Most Valorant players choose to have a dotted cross as it gives more precision when lining up shots. You can customize the cross in the game settings menu so that it has various shapes, sizes and colors. A fun crosshair to try is the heart crosshair. While it may not be the most practical option, it can be a fun way to show your opponents some love or hate. Here’s how to get a Heart Cross in Valorant.

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Heart Crosshair Settings in Valorant

General crosshair settings

Colour pink or red
contours In
outline opacity 0.1
outline thickness one
Central point Off
center point opacity 0
center point thickness 0
Override trigger error compensation with crosshair compensation In
Override all primary crosshairs with my crosshair offset Off

interior lines

show internal lines In
inner line opacity 0.7
Inner line length 3
Inner line thickness 5
internal line offset one
move bug Off
misfire Off

outer lines

show outer lines In
Outer line opacity 0.7
Outside line length 5
Outer line thickness one
Outside Line Offset 0
move bug Off
misfire Off

You can manually set your heart cross through the game’s settings menu, located in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the cogwheel and the “Settings” tab, and you should see the “Look” tab. Go to the “Main” section and you will be given options to change the color, shape, size, and opacity of your crosshair. Just follow the above setup to get your heart’s sights in Valorant.

Gamepur screenshot

You can save your settings by creating a new profile so you can use it whenever you want. Once you’ve got your heart reticle set up the way you like it, be sure to practice with it in custom games so you can get used to the new aiming reticle. Although the cross doesn’t necessarily look like a heart with curved lines and such, the shape is distinct enough to earn a few laughs when used during games.

How to unlock Heart Crosshair in Valorant using code

You can also get a heart cross in Valorant by importing the code. This way, you won’t have to configure the settings manually.

Heart Crosshair - Profile Code Import

Gamepur screenshot

In the “General” section of the “Look” tab, there is an “Import Profile Code” button. Just click on it and paste the following code:

  • 0;P;c;6;o;0.1;m;1;0t;5;0l;3;0o;1;0a;0.7;0f;0;1t;1;1l;5;1o;0;1a; 0.7;1m;0;1f;0

It should look like this:

Heart Crosshair Code

Gamepur screenshot

Once you’ve imported the code, you can still manually adjust the settings to your liking. Experiment with different values ​​to find what looks best for you.

How to use the heart cross in Valorant

We recommend using the heart crosshair only in custom games, as it doesn’t really help or give you any advantage in ranked games. It can also be fun to use in unranked games with friends.

It doesn’t offer much accuracy and can actually make it harder to hit your shots. It’s more for fun and trolling your friends than anything else. If you want to use it in Ranked, go ahead, but keep in mind that it may not help you as much as you think.


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