I have tried GeForce NOW Ultimate on Android and yes, it is very beast

Last week NVIDIA announced GeForce NOW Ultimate, the new level of the cloud streaming service that harnesses the power of Ada Lovelace servers, equivalent in power to a GPU GeForce RTX 4080.

Although these servers are not yet available to the public, we have had the opportunity to test them during the last week, and boy, the truth is that these results just a few years ago would have been unthinkable. Especially when it comes to gameplay on mobile devices.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Ultimate encapsulates the power of an RTX 4080 on your mobile

What NVIDIA has tried to achieve with this new improvement in its servers has been achieve the latency of a local PC or device, but obviously playing from the cloud. In our tests we’ve had response times of up to 11 milliseconds, with an average of 25 milliseconds and the occasional spike of 50 milliseconds in multiplayer games during the most demanding moments, which is outrageous.

This in competitive environments such as Counter Strike or Apex Legends-type tactical shooters is very noticeable, and we have not seen a single flicker or pixelation during the several hours in which we have been playing (something that we did suffer from time to time in last). The latency is barely noticeable, but of course, hitting the shots on the enemy already depends on our gamer expertise.

Having a good network connection is one of the key points.

On a technical level, the arrival of the RTX 4080 servers to GeForce NOW Ultimate represents another step in the graphic section. NVIDIA promised us power, and that is what we have done from the beginning in our tests: put all the graphics settings to the maximum in ultra mode in all the games we have tested.

Here the NVIDIA servers seem to have not even flinched, like the one who hears it rain. It is true that I do not have a 240Hz gaming monitor to test those 240FPS that we can achieve when we activate the “competitive mode” of GeForce NOW with the new NVIDIA Reflex technology, but in titles like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy I have not dropped below 100FPS at any time, with all textures on high quality, ray traced reflections, transparency and DLSS in quality mode.

If we compare it with the GeForce NOW RTX 3080, the FPS goes up from 91 to 106. The CPU also goes down from 10.6 to 9.0ms, and the GPU from 5.6 to 4.4ms.

On a PC this is quite enjoyable, but when we go to the mobile phone the result looks much more. Being able to play games with ray tracing, textures and such qualities on such a small device is quite a punch in the face. Granted, you have to have a phone with a decent screen and a strong lossless Wi-Fi connection (NVIDIA recommends at least 35Mbps bandwidth and less than 40ms latency), but if you qualify and get a good deal gamepad, you have a gamer PC with an RTX 4080 on your Android to do with her what you want.

It is clear that this way of playing also has its drawbacks, and that is that the format of many games is designed for PC monitors and not for the screen of your mobile. Consequently, some in-game text and menus can be terribly difficult to read. This is not NVIDIA’s fault, but currently it is what it is. Personally I have seen myself enjoying arcade and action games more singlepayer than with the typical online shooters full of notifications, chats and messages.

If you have a computer with a good monitor, GeForce NOW Ultimate offers you streaming up to 4K at 120 FPS with support for HDR, full ray tracing and DSSL 3 in those games that are compatible. It also has compatibility for ultra-wide monitors (21:9) and AV1 encoders for a 60% reduction in bandwidth consumption.

Apex Legends stays at a stable 120FPS at all times.


The generational leap compared to the current RTX 3080 servers is progressive. In other words, there is an improvement in graphic quality and latency, optimizing the existing service, but the jump is not as brutal if you come from an RTX 3080 as if you come from an older GPU like an RTX 2060. you are going to notice a huge difference compared to your local PC, achieving very good results.

Otherwise, the upgrade to GeForce NOW Ultimate RTX 4080 servers seems to be designed to meet the needs of the most competitive environments within the gaming world, which by extension serves as a benefit to the rest of the gaming community, who are probably less concerned with details such as almost imperceptible lag and more interested in graphical quality and performance.

As of today, GeForce NOW Ultimate is priced at €19.99 per month, although as we said at the beginning, the RTX 4080 servers have not yet been opened to the public and Ultimate continues to work with an RTX 3080 platform awaiting its launch. official in Spain and the rest of the world.

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