Ibai Llanos and Heretics achieve what has never been seen in League of Legends: Riot Games has given them permission to broadcast their teams’ games live in LEC – League of Legends

Historical measure for the League of Legends competitive. Riot Games has authorized that both koi What Team Heretics carry out the broadcast in Spanish of their own LEC matches. An unprecedented measure that will allow both the former professional commentator and current content creator Ibai Llanos to broadcast live from his Twitch channel the matches played by his team in the highest competition on the continent. Of course, Team Heretics will do the same. Although in their case they will do it from the official channel of the club, it is to be expected that we will have great figures from the national competition. Without going any further, werlyb He was already the visible face of the club in this esport last season.

A new chapter in the history of League of Legends thanks to Ibai and Team Heretics

Until now, only Spanish teams will be able to carry out live broadcasts of their own games. This is because the idea is part of a pilot initiative in which Riot Games will monitor the results obtained. According to the company “the goal is to offer League of Legends fans the best possible experience.” In this sense, they confess willing to expand the collaboration program in the future so that more LEC teams can participate and other languages ​​are available.

Both teams already had the opportunity to broadcast their games live last year, when they participated in the highest Spanish League of Legends competition. They were able to bring together a large audience. It is not that Team Heretics was left behind, but in this sense Ibai Llanos particularly highlighted. Despite the fact that KOI had a mediocre season and barely had a chance to appear in the most important phases of the competition, the club’s matches broadcast on the Ibai channel (along with LVP) were the most watched of the tournamentreaching more than 205,000 peak viewers.

Super League Most Viewed Matches

These were the most watched Super League matches last season (via EsportsCharts)

In the absence of Karmine Corp, one of the teams with the greatest pull at the European level that could not get its place for the next LEC, from Riot Games they have decided to give Spanish fans a unique privilege. There is no doubt that much will have to do with the reputation of Ibai Llanos and the members of Team Heretics, who have had an exemplary performance in terms of their League of Legends squads. The contribution of both teams to increasing the popularity of the game and its competitions in the country is beyond doubt. Surely Ibai has done it longer, but heretics have had a meteoric rise.

This Riot Games initiative will not deprive Spanish fans of any broadcast option. The team of LVP will continue to carry out the live broadcast of the games dand all teams, including KOI and Team Heretics. The only difference will be that, in addition, we will be able to go to the Ibai Llanos Twitch channel or to the one of the club founded by Goorgo to be accompanied by the protagonists.

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