Josette falls in love with a beautiful cosplay of Ahri from League of Legends

League of LegendsIt’s one of the video game most popular within the video game industry, and it is not for less, since the title has a large number of playable characters, and today we will delve into a cosplay characterization inspired by the popular title of Riot Gameswhich does not ask anything of its virtual counterpart.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that many fans of the video game have become so fond of their characters that they have decided to pay all kinds of tributes, and the cosplayer community It has not been left behind, as you can see in this version dedicated to the champion Ahri, the nine-tailed fox woman.

With this Models Y artists from all over the world take their characters as a great source of inspiration and present them to us in the flesh, one of these is Josette ‘Le Josette’ Swan, also known as faraway_, who has decided to present us with a unique version in the that it is possible to enhance all the beauty of the character, but that it also presents us with a large dose of sensuality.

The beautiful model has decided to pay homage to the female character, in a truly magnificent League of Legends cosplay, since it doesn’t ask anything of the original version of Ahri and allows us to see her in real life. Josette often publishes her most recent works, of which we can highlight this amazing characterization of Ahri that will surely steal the eyes of more than one fan of the video game.

We soaked up this League of Legends-themed cosplay, which manages to perfectly recreate the appearance of the character, without neglecting the fact that the model has a truly striking figure and is well received in the eyes of all his fans, so surely visit his Instagram account to see more of his characterizations.

Josette presents us with the most appropriate clothing of the character, in which we can see her posing while many of us fall in love, without the need for her to use her ability E, Charm. The clothing has been the perfect complement, since it is presented to us in a set identical to the one we can see in the League of Legends video game, in addition to allowing us to see the model’s curves in detail along with a wig and makeup, which reminds us of the champion.

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